Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Find Your Next Book

Do you need some help finding the next book in a series?  Or do you want to browse through a series list or find some reviews other than in your newspaper or Amazon?  Here are a few ideas: - this website focuses on thrillers and is a monthly online magazine.  It includes reviews of new thrillers and articles about the genre. - this site has thousands of reviews broken down into subgenres such as police/detective, thrillers, suspense, romantic suspense (who knew?). - a sister site to the mystery reader site but for romances. - this is a wonderful source especially to find books in a series.

Generally, you don't have to type in the "www" in your search.  Just type in "thebigthrill", "themysteryreader", etc. and the site should come up.  Happy browsing!

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