Monday, February 13, 2012

Between The Lines Book Club

Our library's first book club was started about six years ago.  Our patron, Dawn Cance, is a retired librarian who asked our program director if she could start a library book club.  She generously donated her time as moderator for five years. She has now passed the "job" on to another volunteer patron, Marty Diller.

Marty Diller
 The club has been instrumental in helping many members new to the area make friends and feel a part of the  community.  We have had as many as 17 members with some coming and going as they winter in Florida or Arizona.

We have become a tight knit group and the club is currently closed to new members.  It seems the best number of members for a good discussion is between 8 and 10.  If everyone attends the discussions it can get rather loud and rambunctious but they are always enjoyable.  We've tried various ways to get the discussion back on topic with varying degrees of success.  It seems some want to stick to the book while others don't mind a more rambling discussion.  But, no matter, we all love our book club and wouldn't think of missing this time with friends.

One memorable discussion includes the memoir  A Girl Named Zippy: Growing Up Small in Mooreland, Indiana by Haven Kimmel.  We thought it would be a good choice because of the Indiana connection; however, no one really cared for this book except one lady. She is from a small town in Indiana and said this book really spoke to her. We all chuckle any time this title is brought up and she always defends the book.  So, you see,  if one person gets something out of the discussion and was introduced to a book that makes a difference to that person then the reading and discussion are worthwhile.

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