Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Jesse Stone Coming May 22nd!

Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone

Fans of the late author Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone will be thrilled to know that Tom Selleck is taking a break from his hit CBS show Blue Bloods to star in another Jesse Stone made for TV movie.  Jesse Stone - Benefit of The Doubt will air on CBS Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 9 p.m. EST.  It is co-written by Selleck and Michael Brandman.

The Latest Jesse Stone Novel
Robert B. Parker wrote nine Jesse Stone mysteries before his death in 2010.  The Parker estate authorized Michael Brandman to continue the series.  Brandman's first Stone novel titled Robert B. Parker's Killing The Blues was published in 2011.  Brandman also produced three of Parker's Spenser novel adaptations for A&E.  Parker's earlier Spenser novels formed the basis for the Spencer for Hire series that starred Robert Urich. 

The character of  Jesse Stone, a deeply troubled man, was a departure for the author.  Parker, comparing Stone to Spenser, the protagonist for his first series and the one for which he was best known, said "Jesse is a much more damaged individual who is coming to terms with himself as he goes along...".  Jesse is an alcoholic LAPD homicide detective turned Paradise, Massachusetts police chief.  The TV movies capture the essence of Stone with their deeply atmospheric settings and haunting music.  

Jesse Stone is one troubled man you will definitely want to get to know.  Check out the Parker novels and also the TV movies.

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