Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Favorite Mystery Author Brian Freeman

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One of our favorite authors at The Carnegie Public Library is Brian Freeman.  Patrons may recall that he visited our library last year and was very gracious and an all around nice guy.  It is hard to believe he thinks up some of the murderous twists and turns in his books.  

Brian is a psychological suspense author and has just published another stand alone book, Spilled Blood, set amid the ghost towns of southwest Minnesota.  His first stand alone book was The Bone House which he said was based upon a real experience by someone he knows.  What if all the evidence points to you and you are completely innocent? Would your spouse stand by you and believe you?

 Readers may be familiar with his series featuring Lieutenant Jonathan Stride and detective Serena Dial.  There are currently five in that series, starting with Immoral which won the Macavity Award and was nominated for several others including an Edgar.  The latest in the series is The Burying Place which was a finalist for best novel of 2010.  The next Stride novel will be coming in 2013.

Brian states on his website that "I don't like books where the characters are all good or all bad.  I want them to live in the real world, where morality means tough choices and a lot of shades of gray. My goal is to write books with haunting characters and a lightning-fast pace...the hidden intimate motives that draw people across some terrible lines".

Brian says he'd like people to read his books twice.  Once for the quick pacing to get to the breathtaking climax and find out what happens; the second time to pick up the nuances of the characters.  He says "The beauty of the psychological suspense is that, once you know the secrets, the drama of the interactions changes and becomes something completely different.  Suddenly, you know the back story; you know what's in the back of the characters' minds.  It gives you a whole new perspective on the novel".

One bit of trivia is that although Brian lives in Minnesota he has relatives in the Chicago area.  He planned his stop with us on his way from his home to visit the Chicago relatives.  While in Angola he wandered the Circle Hill Cemetery to see the graves of his ancestors.

Brian is a big supporter of libraries and we hope that during his Midwest travels he will visit us again.

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